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Rate these artists from best to worse (in your opinion)

Lily Allen
Stevie Wonder
Madison Beer
The Beatles
The Beach boys
Tones and I
Ariana Grande
Justin Bieber
Tame Impala
Rita Ora
Becky Hill
Lana Del Ray
Dove Cameron
Selena Gomez

If you don't know who they are just write n/a next to their name
Reply 1
Lily Allen N/A
Stevie Wonder 3
Madison Beer N/A
The Beatles 6
The Beach boys 5
Rihanna 2
Tones and I N/A
Ariana Grande
Justin Bieber (joint last)
Tame Impala N/A
Angele N/A
Rita Ora 9
Becky Hill 8
Lana Del Ray 4
Oasis 7
Dove Cameron N/A
Selena Gomez (joint last)
Queen deffo 1

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