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Joining raf

I’m registering my interest this month to join the raf as officer aircrew and will be completing my A-levels in June. When might I hear back and how will the process affect my academic life - note I am wishing to join the raf straight away and not go to uni.
Thanks for any help.
I'm assuming you are referring to Weapons System Officer and that you mean applying rather than registering interest? If so, the role is currently recruiting after quite some time closed, I believe. I wouldn't hang around too long, especially if you're due to finish school in June and hoping to go straight into service. No guarantee that role is open next week, let alone June.

I'm not 100% sure on the current timeframes, but I'm at the final stage of an Officer application which was started in March last year. I'll hazard a guess (and hopefully somebody with more accurate info will come along) and say that you'll end up doing the bulk of the application process, if you're lucky, between April and June, all going well and spaces being available for each step. How will the process affect your academic life? Depends how difficult it will be for you to a) Get your maths up to speed, if not already b) Get physically in shape to meet PJFT requirements, if not already c) Research and prepare for FI and OASC.
If by "registering my interest" rather than "starting the application process" you mean you're looking at a role which is currently closed (like Pilot or RPAS) then there's no knowing when applications will actually be open again.

Even if you are looking at a currently open role you will need your A level results confirmed before you could actually join, so adjust your anticipated timetables to allow for that. Although you can start the application process on the basis of expected grades you would probably need the actual grades to go through the later parts of the process which have limited places and plenty of other applicants who already have their qualifications. Maybe someone else can confirm how far through the process you can actually get before you have your results.

Even assuming that you could get that far (and plenty of candidates won't get past CBAT/interview/medical), you'd almost certainly need your results (so mid August) to get an OASC date (which you'd usually get at least several weeks notice of), then need to pass that and the subsequent aircrew medical, to be considered for a start date. That's also not immediate or automatic, as selection for aircrew places from the qualified candidates who've passed all the selection stages will be done periodically. And then expect the actual start date to be several months further on from the offer as recruitment numbers are planned well in advance for in demand roles (which will include all aircrew).

So even if everything goes smoothly for you in the application process, it wouldn't be a case of finish A levels and start immediately. I wouldn't hold your breath on it being in 2023.

There is quite a bit you'll need to do to prepare for the filter interview and then OASC, and you'll need your fitness up to scratch too, so with A levels on the horizon you may not even want too much of that going on at the same time.

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