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Missed A Level Entry Deadline

So I am a private candidate looking to do my a levels this summer 2023. I was aware the deadline for entries is 21st February so a couple of days ago I was looking for centres, mainly a school nearby. I sent emails to quite a few, however I have run into the big issue that it is half term. I had no idea and now I’m panicking that what if they don’t get back to me on time and I miss the deadline on 21st. Would JCQ and whoever else accept it as a special circumstance (I’m out of the country) and be flexible on the deadline or is it a hard deadline where now I’m stuffed. Also schools open on Monday (deadline is Tuesday) so if I was to go into school on Monday would that be enough time to meet the deadline and apply
Even if you miss the deadline, you will still very likely be allowed to take your exams there (subject to space). Yes, you are probably going to be charged a late fee which can be double the standard fee but at least you can take the exam :dontknow: I would suggest going in Monday or Tuesday so you can avoid all that.
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