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What was your parents relationship like?

very excellent
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WWE smackdown, the emotional reboot. We were the chairs and ladders used to immobilise the opponent.
Not great, to say the least
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Your comment made me laugh so much. Just a simple 'no' :rofl:
Very volatile. I remember hiding under the dining table a lot when they were arguing.

My dad finally walked out in January 1990, roughly a month after I turned 6.

My dad remarried in 2002, and my mam remarried in 2017.
Like a horror movie
Not so great, they are divorced now but I remember being awaken at night because of screaming and I personally don't have excellent relationship with my parents.
Always good. Still is.
They got married and had me in their late teens. They're still married over 30 years later.
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very excellent


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