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Getting into med school

So I am on a gap year right now and am resitting all my a levels. I have been rejected by all 4 med schools but got an offer for pharmacy I do like the idea of studying pharmacy however ultimately I want to study medicine or dentistry. I wanted to ask this year if I can't find courses for medicine or dentistry in clearing can I do the first year of pharmacy and take ucat at the same time and reapply to med school whilst studying pharmacy? I don't want to waste another whole year on the chances of getting into medicine so can I study pharmacy this September and reapply at the same time so I don't waste any more time and if I don't get into med school at least I'll be into my first year of pharmacy? Is that possible or no?
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I understand the calculations you're making. However, making a stand is equally important. Pharmacy is a course not meant for the half-hearted. You must decide to take it right from the onset. And so is medicine. How about blocking all other choices and choosing the bird in the hand and leaving the two in the bush?
If you wanna do med or dentistry take a gap year. I know a few people who reapplied twice. You’ll be wasting a year in uni if you’re not gonna carry on pharmacy. But if you haven’t even decided between med or dentistry it doesn’t sound like you’ve done much research/work experience
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Also if you’re enrolled in another course, many medical schools do expect you to finish it. They often have a clause somewhere in their entry requirements that says that current undergraduates may only apply in their final year of study. It doesn’t speak much to your commitment to study if you’re hedging your bets or if you drop out of a course part way through.

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