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Student Accommodation at Wembley Park for Take Over (April - July)

I am looking for uni students to take over my contract with Canvas Wembley Student Accommodation at postcode HA90UU.

They only accommodate students who are enrolled in university so do make sure you meet this requirement :smile:

The accom is 3 minutes away from the tube station with the Metropolitan line and Jubilee line. It takes typically 20 minutes for me to get to the lecture hall at Chemistry Building at UCL so I’d say it’s a pretty quick journey. You can also easily get by to SOAS and Birkbeck in under 25 minutes.

There’s a gym, a private dining room, terrace garden, study room, common room and a laundry room in the building. The team there always schedules events so there’s always things going on for you to meet new people! It’s also very close by to the Wembley National Stadium if you’re a concert/ football fan, a lot of cool dining places at Box Park as well. There’s also musicals and opera at the theatre near by (with Disney shows and much more!)

There’s a pretty good sized Sainsbury’s within 5 mins walk, a large Lidl in 3 minute reach, an Asda superstore just 8 minutes away. You can even take the bus to a Tesco Extra and Ikea if you feel like it.

The flatmates are super nice and they always make sure to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. We do have a cleaning roster and you will be expected to clean the kitchen once every 7 weeks. Stealing or anything bad is unheard of in our flat so I’d say they are pretty good flatmates. They don’t smoke or drink so if you’re concerned about those things you’re in good hands living with them. All very friendly and kind people 🥺

The tenancy would be from 1st April to 14th July 2023, rent is £269 per week, but you can totally renew the contract with the management company to extend your stay!

Please let me know if you are interested in looking at more details or check out my Spare Room ad for pictures of the room!

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