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Which is the best gym to join in Sheffield?

Which is the best gym to join in Sheffield, I do quite basic workouts. Thanks
Hey, I'm Scarlet a third-year student from Sheffield Hallam.

Sheffield Hallam has two gyms which are open to both Hallam students and the public. These are great as there are two gyms, one at Collegiate campus and one at City campus and they are reasonably priced at £19.99 per month with classes included, or £14.99 for just the gym, which is one of the cheapest prices around. I will link the Hallam website which tells you more information about the gyms - . The gyms have a good amount of equipment and whenever I've been they haven't been too busy which is always a bonus. If you go to Sheffield Hallam then I would definitely recommend the university gym as it has a great sense of community and it's convenient with it being on campus so you can go after lectures and workshops.

Alternatively, if you go to University of Sheffield, they too also have a good gym and there's also a JD gym which I recommend, this is located near Bramall Lane. Both are great as they have a wide range of classes and equipment too.

I advise you to do some research into which gym is closest to you, as you don't want to sign up to one which is miles from where you live, because if you're anything like me then this would put me off going! Also decide on a budget and search around for one which facilitates this.

I hope this helps,
Scarlet - SHU Student Ambassador

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