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Hey!! Could someone who got a grade 7 or above in geography GCSEs pls mark my answer

It would mean a lot.

Thanks x
I will, im in y11 but working at an 8 predicted a 9 this summer
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Original post by propergoodman
I will, im in y11 but working at an 8 predicted a 9 this summer

Thank you so much ! and also good luck.

Question: Evaluate the effectiveness of the methods of response to a tropical cyclone in a named developed country. (8)

(I picked Hurricane Katrina)::

The USA, being a developed country, had the means to issue warnings to local authorities and the public, to ensure that people had enough time to evacuate 100s of thousands of people and move to a safer place.

One of the main, effective methods of response was that the tropical cyclone was predicted early by the National Weather Service. As a result of this effective method of response, thousands of people were evacuated before the storm struck, saving thousands of lives. It is clear from the research that the evacuation was largely successful, with 90% of the city’s residents departing before the tropical cyclone struck. There is absolutely no doubt that this warning from the National Weather Service, and the coordinated evacuation saved many lives. Without this, the death toll would have been much greater.

On the other hand, despite the early warning from the National weather service, the government was criticized for its slow response to the disaster. It can be argued that this slow response to the storm and lack of safety centers such as the Superdome for public shelter, was an unsuccessful method of response from a well “developed country,” like the United States.
This can be seen in the example of the public shelter, 'The Louisiana Superdome,' which was proved to be inadequate. The Superdome was designed to handle 800 people, yet over 30, 000 people arrived, limiting the food supply. It is evident that the United States, as a "well-developed country" could have done much more for its residents, especially for the most poor and vulnerable who were left behind.

To conclude, I think that with the United States’ higher levels of development and reasources, the government could've done, and performed a lot more for its most poor and old residents who couldn't evacuate. Moreover why I think the responses were a failure, was because Weather forecasters warned government officials about Katrina's approach, so they should have planned what they were going to do and prepare for it. However they did not, instead, Katrina exposed major failures in America's disaster preparedness and response systems.
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