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Deferred Decisions list

What does Deferred Decisions list mean? Is it mean that I still have chance to get into the university but the chance is low?
Deferred Decisions list refers to a group of applicants who have not been offered admission to a university during the initial round of review, but are still being considered for acceptance in a later round. This means that the admission committee has decided to defer making a final decision on their application and will review it again at a later time, often after they have reviewed a second round of applications.
Being placed on the Deferred Decisions list does not necessarily mean that the chances of getting accepted into the university are low. It simply means that the application requires further review, and the university needs more time to evaluate the applicant's qualifications and fit for the program. Therefore, applicants on the Deferred Decisions list still have a chance of being admitted to the university, and it's important for them to remain positive and continue to pursue their academic goals.

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