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Is there a sentence structure for english language questions?

For history we were given a way to write our answers that mean if you follow it and put in the right amount of information you'll get full marks. (E.g, one reason why i agree with the view that '...' is xxx therefore this supports the view that '...' because xxx') and I was wondering if there was anything like that for English language questions 1-4 (I get that 5 on either paper wouldn't really work like that) because I'm getting 9s in history every time with a structure but just got my first 5 ever in English Language in our mock results and I wanted an 8 in the real thing.
When you make an request in this area it is good practice to include your board,syllabus A or B. There is no particular sentence structure in English Language.

The examiner is expecting grammatically correct, well punctuated and absent of spelling mistakes and good content. The only exception might be poetry that of which I have never done.

Please access your syllabus because what you need to know is contained within those pages. Additionally the Exemplars, Moderator report and Exam Commentary available to read.

Further to this access youtube videos and look for your exam board Exam Paper Walkthrough. You will see in real time how questioned are to be answered.

I use these two GCSE teachers for my A level English Language and Literature

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