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WJEC GCSE Double Award Science Advanced Information - Summer 2023

Hi everyone,
I'm going to be taking my Unit 4, Unit 5 and Unit 6 Higher Tier GCSE Double Award Science exams this Summer. The advanced information came out a couple of weeks ago, and for Biology, 5 topics out of 6 are ticked. One topic hasn't been ticked which is Variation and Evolution, but I'm unsure if I should revise it or not. There is a lot to the topic so I obviously do not want to revise it if I don't need to as it would just be a waste of my time. At the start of the advanced information, it says "the following areas of content are suggested as key areas of focus for revision and final preparation" and "revision plans should still take account of everything that has been taught". However, this topic is ticked for the Foundation Tier paper, but not for the Higher Tier paper, so this makes me think that it might not come up on the paper.
Can anyone please help me?
Thank you: :smile:

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