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Finding a partner who is disconnected from social media

I have recently found that I am much mentally healthier when I stay away from social media, particularly snappy short form content.

I’m looking to get into a relationship, but I’m concerned how it would work seeing my absence from social media. In my experience, social media is the most common discussion point. New trends, people doing dumb/funny stuff, the latest trend show - all this stuff is common to talk about. I can’t talk about these things anymore and I’m concerned getting into a relationship will be super difficult. I either find ways around this in conversation , or date someone with similar views.

I already have fairly high standards - smart, pretty with strong ethics. I feel like my options are very small from those criteria alone, so adding another uncommon attribute just feels like im making my love life much harder.

Anyone got any thoughts/advice?
When I met my partner a year ago, he didn’t have social media (just YouTube). It works well for us because we both felt like social media was getting too much for us both mentally. I don’t have much advice other than you’ll connect with the right person and if you guys are the real deal you won’t need to find conversation in current trends
What type of age range do you usually date?
What dating dealbreakers do you have?

None of the guys I've dated have been active on social media.
I'm not keen on modern technology, have never had a smartphone or facebook account.
Get irritated with selfie obsessives, computer gaming fans, tiktok and whatsapp addicts.
If it limits you that much, nothing would stop you from joining social media tbh
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With everything there is to discuss in the world - your studies, jobs, families, hobbies, music, films, TV, books, theatre, sports, world events, art, history, shared memories - you won't run out of conversation if you aren't interested in social media. You find someone with similar interests.

I'm in an LTR and never discussed social media content with my boyfriend as neither of us bothers with it. We've never run out of things to talk about. Even our first proper date, going out for dinner, lasted 5 hours because the conversation flowed.

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