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Mandarin Pre-U Geography paper

I'm in my final year of studying Mandarin Pre-U, and one of the questions on my culture paper is essentially an A-level Geography essay (written in English). I feel very very unprepared for these kinds of questions as I do not do geography A-level and my Chinese teachers are not teaching it to me well. I would really appreciate if someone could give me some help on how I should structure my essays and what kinds of things I should be putting in them.
I think you maybe over thinking this.

I think the information related to Geography will be in your syllabus, subject textbook, extra supplementary materials. This is either issued by your tutor or found on the exam board website.

As for Geography A-level essays and structure these can be found on Youtube. However I suggest you look at the vocabulary. I believe that this and only this will be expected in your cultural paper. I'd check for the latest vocabulary 2023 list.

Please if unsure please ask your Chinese subject teacher what is required...

All best...

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