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Career thoughts?

Hello All,

I am a recent graduate (2021) in London, who managed to land a Graduate Scheme in one of the Big 4 (Daddy D).

I got into Audit & Assurance, and started my scheme from September 2022. A few months in I am unsure now if this is what I want to do for the long run. But staying for 3 years will get me an ACA qualification and a deeper understanding of the field. I had also plans on moving inside Daddy D to M&A or move to internal audit department of a big investment bank because I have heard the money is great (yes, yes, yes I am chasing the bag right now. I am a kid after all).

I recently found out more about Advisory/M&A and it interests me more. With only a few months worth of experience in Audit under my belt, I do get reached out by headhunters on LinkedIn.

Now this incident is what made me create this post. I was recently reached out to by individuals looking to recruit for Assets Management firms like Lazards and a few other Top ones. I am unsure if I should explore it or not. I don’t know anyone who could give an insight about the work culture, hours, benefits etc. i don’t even know if it will stunt or serve as a catalyst for my career growth. Any advices would be great and highly appreciated.

Cheers and have a good day. 😃
Why don't you reach back to Assets Management firms like Lazard's and ask to shadow one of their people. Have a look at the organisation mission statement, values and ethics. Have a look if you at the senior people who work for them. If you become a Chartered Accountant perhaps also look at gaining Actuarial qualifications. I've have heard it through the Grapevine that the mentioned are desirable and highly sort after.

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