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so i`m student from Ukraine and currently studying at sixth form, year 12. My goal is to get to university and my teacher said that i need english gcse for it. I`m not sure if i can do it as good as i need to, so the question is: can i do ielts instead?
Because of Ukraine scheme i`m eligible for home fee status, so not typical international student situation
Some English resources that may help you.

Your options
1.GCSE English Language
2 English.Functional Skills Level 2
Perhaps do entry level 3, then level 1, then 2
3.As you say you can do IELTS

I would do what teacher suggests and that is GCSE English:

Please check each of the links and familiarise yourself with the content. :groovy:

GCSE English Language:

When you know your GCSE board and syllabus :

Try working through slowly until your English course starts.

*Youtube videos: learning, exam paper walkthroughs.
I use these GCSE videos for my A-level English Language and Literature.

Depending of your A level choices Sixth form 1st, 2nd, 3rd year. :party:
Study Mind
All the best...

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