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Aqa Geography A level

Im starting my Geography Aqa A level NEA work and i want it to be based on the water and carbon cycle of the specification.However im so confused on what to do about my investigation title .I have no ideas at all and im starting to get worried as this is worth 20% of my A level.Do you have any tips?
A level Geography take between one, two and three years in that students are taught the skills they need to complete their NEA independently. There has been admittedly a fair amount of disruption and perhaps you have only got a supply teacher even so they should hand out or provide a link to information that provides you with all the assistance you need. The first port of call is to access your full exam syllabus, then a google search, and a youtube search these are important skills for university. There is also a Google Scholars where you can find the latest on selected subject. Maintain and strict word count and double space your line write a proper Biography, Harvard referencing, foot notes,Images labelled and numbered Fig.1.

I would suggest your base NEA on something from the Geography syllabus that you understand. It will be so much easier to derive a relevant title/Statement title keep it testable. Form a hypothesis if this involves experimental work/ introductive paragraph, analysis, justification evaluation and conclusion.


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A level Geography NEA coursework structures
Scroll down take an overview then select the ones of interest

*NEA COMMON MISTAKES (key to have a research dairy, key geographical vocabulary and Titles)

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Thankyou so much for getting back to me!
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Thankyou so much for getting back to me!

I hope you'll produce a fine piece work. :party: Two or more minds are better than one.

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