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Laptop for 6th Form?

I need recommendations for a laptop for sixth form, i will be going to one around 30mins away and I am doing a very coursework heavy subject (Btec sport lvl 3 extended diploma) and need a fast, lightweight and reliable laptop

Thanks :-D
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A used/refurbished Thinkpad will give you a great price to performance ratio. I'd recommend a t440p, or an x260 or x270 if you need a longer battery life. These machines are some of the sturdiest you can get (the newest ones, say, past 2015 aren't as good however), save for stuff like the Panasonic Toughbook
Contact this seller and check that it has 1920 (FHD) resolution screen. Which it should have as this was standard. But you want to be sure before splashing the paypal cash.
If the resolution is 1920, offer £150. With the postage it's a fantastic laptop for your needs for under £160.

These Dell Latitude 7390's are premium business laptops with coated magnesium alloy chassis and lids. I personally like having mouse buttons below the trackpad - which you don't get on later models, just a clicky trackpad. They are great laptops to own and use because of the engineering quality. It will be lightning fast for general personal use and supporting your studies for the next 10 years.

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