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Is it necessary to take a 'creative' GCSE?

I keep hearing that 6th forms and unis love wellrounded students and dont want just academic students. So i was contemplating taking GCSE Music, but I am sure i cant get an 8/9 in it. My music teacher (outside of school) told me to take it and she was sure i'd get at least an 8 but I think she's just optimistic. I do really enjoy music but suck so much at apprasing and surely, as long as I do grades, taking Music as a GCSE isn't necessary?
Overall, I'm not going to take GCSE Music and I'm going to take CompSci instead (both are Edexcel).

But I do want to know if GCSE Music is necessary for prestigious 6th forms to consider me or if music exams outside of school are enough.
Unis don't care what GCSE subjects you take, they only care about your grades - the only subject specific things they care about at GCSE are for core national curriculum subjects you have to take anyway.

6th forms have their own selection criteria although I've not heard of any caring whether you do a creative GCSE or not.

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