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can someone tell me if this is a good 12 marker response for RP (theme c)

‘The First Cause Argument is a weak argument for the existence of God.’

The first cause argument states that there has to be an uncaused cause that made everything else happen. The idea of the first argument is that everything exists or begins to exist must have a cause, as the universe exists and had a beginning, it too must have a cause, there must be something existing with no cause which is eternal, to cause everything else to exists, the eternal first cause can only be God, so therefore God must exist. However some might say that is if everything that exists has a cause, who or what caused God? The creation story in Genesis is the idea of God creating the perfect world in 6 days, where he rested on the seventh day. God created the world and it was perfect because “it was so” Christians and Jews use the Genesis creation stories to explain the origins of the universe, which they believe was created by God. Reform Jews understand the creation story as a way of emphasising the special place that humans have in God’s creation. They are made in the image of God and have a responsibility in the world, to spread God’s prayers.
However Atheists believe that the world was not created by god in six days but that the earth came to be through the Big Bang, which had nothing to do with God. The Big Bang theory suggests there was a massive expansion of space that set the creation of the universe in motion. Although many Christians and Jews accept the Big Bang theory, but unlike Atheists, they believe that the Big Bang was caused by God and that the universe came about by design, not by accident.
It is possible to accept the Big Bang theory and the Genesis creation story if it is not interpreted literally, but as “each day” in the creation story is taken to mean a much longer period of time.

Thanks in advance <3
Hello, I think the argument is strong but depends on how you explain it. You have explained well that everything having a cause to begin proves the existence of God. However, I think you should emphasize that the cause of everything is God eg the universe, in creation stories. You should also mention that God is eternal therefore He has no beginning, to explain the question of what caused God. If you need more assignment help, ask me and you will not have to worry about your assignments..
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Thankyou very much for your response, it means a lot. I will definitely ask you for help because Religion and philosophy isn't my strongest subject. I think with exams I tend to forget everything but I think i just need to practice more exam style questions.
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Hi, how did it go with the essay? Did you get good results? If you are still struggling with religion and philosophy I'd be happy to help.
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Original post by Carol 202i
Hi, how did it go with the essay? Did you get good results? If you are still struggling with religion and philosophy I'd be happy to help.

Last week i did my Religion and philosophy year 11 mock exam and I think I did pretty well, I understood all the questions but one, about ascension, I didn't remember what it exactly in the exam but I revised it after the exam. I won't be getting my marks until a couple of weeks time but i will let you know once i do.
Thanks again for the help :smile:

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