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past paper with no mark scheme - help!

I'm trying to do a zigzag education past paper from 2019 however I can only see the free version of the paper as the full thing is £64, and it has no mark scheme to go with it, so could someone help me make some bullet points for some of the questions on the paper as I'm really struggling and I'm quite sure I'm going to have a test on this paper soon!

1)Explain how international economic and political organisations have encouraged globalisation
2) Assess the extent to which globalisation can be attributed to development of trade/overseas trade from the 19th century onwards
3)Explain how world systems theory is useful for understanding global patterns *patterns of what I'm not sure as I can't see the end of the question due to a copyright mark covering it on the document*
4) Assess the extent to which superpowers are facing more challenges than developing nations in maintaining their global status
5) Explain how globalisation has changed the worlds economic systems
6) Evaluate the consequences of disunity within nation states - link to the paper preview that I'm using incase anyone else wants to use it

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