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How do you remember GCSE content you learnt last year


A little bit of context:

I am a Year 10 Student studying: biology, chemistry, maths, english lit, english lang, spanish, history, business, maths

Our school started GCSEs in year 9, so last year, and i have forgotten so much content i learnt back then. in fact, i barely remember the info. My mocks are in 2 months - in may. how do i go about recalling and re learning the information, and how can i make sure to remember it for y11.

thanks. im not really sure on how to manage time, how long i should be reviing daily to catch up.
You should figure out where your biggest weaknesses are, and focus on those rather than going over more recent stuff that you do understand. Also, a lot of the work you will have done in year 10 would be built of the content you learnt in earlier years, so you do at least know some of it. Making revision materials as you go along is a good way to start - it is a bit late now but definitely not impossible to catch up your revision materials. I would recommend flashcards as way to remember vocab, terminology and facts and then practise questions so you know how to apply the content.

There is no "amount" of time you should be revising - you will also have homework so maybe 1-2 hours max for revision during the week although you can do more at the weekend.

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