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HELP :KCL MA Online VS In Person VS Other 2023

Hi im a currently applying at KCL as a Canadian student at KCL International Relations & War MA online and im wondering if this is a mistake. I have a CGPA of 8.36 so simply 83.6% and i do have some relevant experiences so i think my chance are pretty good but im thinking whether doing my MA online is a mistake. I’ve heard lot peoples saying is is a pretty bad program with high dissatisfaction 70%. I would like very much do to the program in person but 2 year seem unaffordable in person ( even tho i would take the 4 month in person offered with the international relation and War MA).

The croc of the question is should i do instead an MA in war study or even international relation MA in person 1 or 2 years to save the << uni experience >> or to so a better program since im not gonna do a phd and never really had one my BA had 2 of 3 years online. Im mostly divided because i think international relation and war is a good degree in name having both a war study and international relation aspect. I do want to work in the security field later/ Nato or whatever but i feel not having an international relation degree limit my options.

I know it a lot but im very unsure plus i know i could also apply at good program like LSE international relation or strategic studies at saints andrew. Im very divided and advice would be great. In short should i go for another program at KCL (or other uni) which I heard is the best in security’s studies and war studies or stay in my international relation and war MA and ignore the flak warning i see often.( im applying for 2023 and my KCL application are already sent).
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