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What does having an eating disorder actually mean?

Just so I know because I seem to think eating disorder means that you are scared of food
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There are several types of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder are the most commonly heard of) and they often don't mean, specifically, that one is scarred of food. i'd recommend researching the different types of eating disorders as they have their own specific reasons for why the person has an aversion or attraction to food. So binge eating is a disorder, and that is when someone eats excessively. They aren't so much scared of the food as they are actually wanting it. Psychologists also suggest it's not always about the food itself but more about the pathology of the individual that is expressed in their attitudes towards the food. I'm not a professional so i'd recommend googling the different disorders because they each have their own relationship towards food. But if one were 'scared' of food that would be diagnosed more of a phobia than an eating disorder.

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