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Would you consider Portsmouth FC the most passionate fans on the coast?

I think as soon as we reach the prem again, we can consider ourselves the biggest club again( were actually a relatively big club in the (40-50's) Saints can never say that.
They are at least passionate chanting fans. Would be nice to see them in premier league. Such fans are a rarity there.
Portsmouth definitely have a good fanbase and still draw massive crowds by league one standards, to be fair.

Brighton are the biggest team on the south coast these days though. They’ve emerged from nowhere to being PL regulars and pushing for European football whilst Southampton and Bournemouth are probably getting relegated.
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Sort of scummy ngl
Original post by Zürich
Sort of scummy ngl

Many teams have scummy fans, so what is the matter? as long as they don't hurt people in the stadiums, I don't care.
I wouldn't consider Brighton the biggest club based of a couple of seasons.

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