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A level economy

can you give me some advice on how to learn economy or write essay?
If you have selected this subject it would be helpful if you put your board and your syllabus down. GCSE is your foundation look how essay questioned are structured. There will be example on youtube as there probably be examples on on A-level perhaps even A/S.

1. Economics syllabus
2. Textbook
3. Locate revision and past paper sites.
4. Revision book.
A-Level Economics - CGP

Do your own research it is not difficult to cut and paste and look for it in the google search or youtube. Work throughout the durations of your course. See A-levels are a full-time job if you have a part-time/full job you will need to account for this and perhaps to a Access course instead because these exam will not give you leeway in that regard.

Extracurricular Activities:
Now some students elect to have lots of extracurricular activity that's there prerogative. However they can't then expect to get a string of A's at A/S or A* A-levels some invariably still do and may miss out on their place of choice. However oftentimes than not some are fortunate to have their teacher drag them over the exam finish line so they meet their requirements. Alternatively the University admission may give them the benefit of the debt. Well others are not so fortunate to have such a teacher or have a supply teacher who does not know them or support them.

A* A-level
If you have a high chance of achieving an A* A-level grade if and only if (iff) you answer the question the examiner is asking on the exam paper rather than the one preferred. A-level economic is the same as all A-levels and that is students need to know the foundational knowledge GCSE. Then build on it and learn more advance knowledge and apply it to novel situations and be able to interpret extracts or source materials. This can be done through equations, graphs, lexis etc. There will be nothing in the paper that is not in the syllabus. Your syllabus is your most important resource after your teacher. I like to have my syllabus alongside my revision book.

Coursework (NEA)
If you are doing other A-levels that include coursework (NEA) then please locate information on it from google search, exam board and youtube. Learn about academic english, learn about writing formally, learn about Harvard referencing, footnotes double space lines,paraphrasing, quotes, transitionally words and phrases, use correct lexis, be precise, succinct,avoid redundancy and stick to the wordcount. In addition those these are not my strong points it is important to have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Teachers give students NEA to start the summer after A-levels. In addition some students get it in the January of their final A-level year. At around this times Students who leave things to the last minute will frequent this site and try and get someone to assists with their NEA. NEA is worth 20% which is quite a big deal.

Why not first go around this site and see what available on this site.


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