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GCSEs history, maths and science

Hi, I am going to be resitting a few of my GCSEs as I didn’t get grades to get into my sixth form. I have about 2 months to revise I am doing well with science and maths revision but history I am struggling with because I have to do Cold War, Weimar and nazi germany and medicine in Britain and Anglo Saxon but I have never done Cold War as a topic so I am learning it from scratch can I learn of the from scratch in 2 months whilst revising for other subjects history has never been a strong subject from me and I need a 6. is 2 months going to be enough to ace my exam
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Yes, but you will need to work alot since history is very content heavy and you'll need to memorise alot.
Yes, I did the Cold War at GCSE and they gave us a little bit longer time but we only had 3 hours a week of History, so I think for sure you can get it done if you work hard. Top tip that helped get me through was make a timeline with key dates and making mind maps of different key concepts. E.g. the Hungarian Uprising etc.

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