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Degree doubting time: English and philosophy combined or just an English degree

Which is better?

I'm currently on a 'gap year' (not really because I'm doing an art foundation degree - for fun and because it was free) and have received uni offers from York for English and Philosophy and Exeter for just English. York is unconditional, Exeter is conditional on a Merit in my art course (which I should get so that's p chill) but I'm trying to decide whether it's better to study English outright or with philosophy as an equal constituent.

The English courses at both unis I can see myself enjoying, and I took philosophy at A-level and it genuinely interests me as a subject, but I really want to know if it's worth it to do a combined honours degree over a single honours?

I really love the uni of York, it's further away from me but I think I could make that work + I prefer the city, meanwhile Exeter also has a lovely campus, I like the city less but it's closer, although I must say I hate the 'Exetah' reputation and the rugby lad culture.

Also I play football, and the women's football at Exeter is superior to York.

Alternatively, I am considering the idea of taking another year out to work and perhaps reapply to a different uni such as St. Andrews or maybe even Cambridge - although for this I would take another A-level in the gap year because I got A*AC by screwing up my biology exam (although really I screwed up by taking the subject to begin with lmao)

I know ultimately this has to be my decision, but I am a pretty anxious person prone to overthinking any and all choices, so any input would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks <3
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This is similar to something I answered the other day...

Maybe you are the same person?

Would you kindly consider looking at both degree course outlines and the pro and cons.

1.Which course relates to your career aspiration?
2.Which course on inspection do you prefer to study?
3.Which City would you prefer to live in?
4.Which course do you think is worth £15,000 a year to do?
5. The facilities and opportunities suggest you visit the cites and get a feel for them.

Whatever you choose you can always apply to do a Masters degree in the place you did not get into. Maybe at this time you are not ready to commit to either course or for that matter university. Perhaps you're pulled because a love interest or friend attends. Famous writer Alan Bennett went to Oxford because he fancied someone the rest is history.

Your options...:argh: :bird:

3. Apply elsewhere
4. Do some more free academic and vocational courses whilst 23 or under.
5. Fully funded government bootcamp.
6. Work
7. Apprenticeship
8. Travel and teach English to foreign language students in the Middle East/China
9.and... Absolutely nothing it is your life and therefore your prerogative.

Candied fruit

All the best...


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