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Motivation in Y13

So, I'm aware there are only just over 2 months left until my first A-level exams but I've been struggling to stay motivated to revise.
I feel so stressed and honestly I'm behind on some content - I study biology, chemistry and law.

Currently I'm just behind on Law with all the memorisation but everything else is fine. Do you think it's possible to memorise all of the topics (except contract as that's what I'm learning still) within 2 months 😭

also, how do you stay motivated to study?
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Here's one idea to help with motivation to revise...
If the exam was to take place tomorrow, which topic would you really dread seeing on page 1 of the exam paper?
Now, look at the A level specification so you see an overview of what you need to know. Read about the topic and do some past paper questions. Mark your answers using the exam mark scheme. The mark scheme is important so learn from this & make some extra notes/flashcards if you need to. Ask a teacher to mark essays/questions if the mark scheme is not available or you would like more guidance.

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