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What GCSES Subject did you regret taking?

what subject did you took and thought it was the best choice for you?
Finished my GCSES last year and I can say that French was one. It was more time consuming and took a lot of effort to dedicate to the subject. I'm doing my A levels and unless you want to take a language for GCSE and you genuinely love it and want to continue it in A levels it would be great.
music. there were some fun elements. but for me, it was pointless and very difficult.
ik from friends there's a lot of long hours that goes into art, but if you're determined enough, its up to you.
food tech or equivalent is mandatory in most schools for first few years, but after that, unless you're interested in cooking or being a dietician or something, it seems like a waste of time, and definitely money. all those ingredients!
computer science is also niche and difficult. several of my friends hated it.
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what subject did you took and thought it was the best choice for you?

creative media, learnt absolute nothing and it was more like a free period for me.
Food Technology.

I cook like a champ if I do say so myself, but I only got a C in it. Completely useless qualification.
german, i was awful and unmotivated. but tbf it was compulsory for us to choose at least one foreign language so idk i dont really regret it completely if it meant i didnt have to take french

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