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Working out final exam percentages

Hi, I’m a little lost on how to figure this out. I’m trying to find out what percentage I will need on my final exam to pass the module. The pass mark is 40%. These are my results so far:

Essay: 62/100 (30% of final grade)
Knowledge test: 100/100 (10% of final grade)

What will I need on my final exam in order to reach the pass mark (Although I hope for higher) that’s worth 60% of my final grade?

Thanks for any help in advance!
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For the essay you have scored 62/100 * 30 = 18.6 marks and for the knowledge test 100/100 * 10 = 10. So you already have 28.6 marks. So to pass you need to get 40 - 28.6 = 11.4 marks out of the 60 for the final paper = 11.4/60 * 100 = 19%. Straightforward to pass now, but of course you want to go for a good grade!

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