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What do you do in A-Level Geography?

Current students or past students :smile:
I do AQA A-level Geography and we study 6 topics (although schools can pick which ones they want to do) and the mandatory topics are Changing Places where you study how places change, the reasons for doing so and the impact upon people and the economy, Global Systems and Governance and Water and Carbon Cycling. There is much more writing than at GCSE and it is much harder to pick up marks as well. Also 20% of your mark is a fieldwork NEA on one aspect of the specification.

I will also be looking at Coastal Systems and Landscapes, Hazards and Population and the Environment.

I do enjoy Geography, although it is my least favourite out of my three A-levels (I also do Biology and RS), I think I hoped it would be more similar to GCSE (I did Edexcel A).

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