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how to recall contents you have learnt in gcse

hello guys I am now going through the 'recalling' bit in my revision. I am not really sure what should I do for science since I am not confident enough to start doing past papers and questions, but reading through notes did not really help me. Are there any things I can do in order to refresh my memories? (im doing aqa gcse science)
Hi @char1219

I was in a very similar situation when I was studying for my GCSEs and A Levels, I struggled to recall information and my approach of reading notes and then pretty much rewriting them didn't help.

When it comes to recalling key topic areas, there were a couple of techniques I used that definitely helped me with my revision.

Flash cards were the first one, and if you use them right they can be a very effective tool help target specific gaps in your knowledge. The way I did it was to produce a set of flash cards for a topic with the key facts I needed to remember one one side, and then have a question on the other. Try to keep the questions simple, or word them similar to exam style, and be sure not to use long or overcomplicated questions, you want to be able to quickly use these as a reference tool.

Also with Flash cards, try not to put too much content on them, keep them short and to the point, with too much information you'll struggle to recall all the information off just one card. The cards help support you with quick bursts of revision and help keep the topics in your mind on a regular basis.

Another approach can be creating mind maps with topics on and drawing links between them and writing the keywords that link them together, and this can be a great activity especially of you study in a group but is equally as useful if you study alone too. It helps you connect topics whilst keeping the information fresh in your mind.

I know you mentioned that you don't feel confident yet to do past papers but I would actually recommend it as it'll help identify the gaps in your knowledge and the areas to focus on with revision. I only really started to use past papers once I started my A Levels and honestly I wished I used them sooner as it helps keep you in the exam frame of mind. I asked my teachers to mark mine and I got really useful feedback so it can be a great option.

I hope some of these tips help but just keep in mind that everyone revises differently so some of these tips might not work best for you but don't let that discourage you, there are so many more revision tips out there that will work for you.

Best of luck

Tom - Teesside University :smile:

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