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Hello all,

I need advice on a rare medical condition, I have discussed this with my doctor but I still don't have enough information about it. This condition is called sitosterolemia. Sitosterolemia is a rare genetic disease that causes the fatty substances, or lipids, from plant-based foods such as nuts and vegetable oils to accumulate in arteries, likely increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease.

I am an associate nutritionist, so I have been doing research to see what foods I can eat but it's difficult because most foods contain plant sterols. My diet is limited so I need to be aware of what I can and cant eat.

Currently, I'm taking medicine known as Ezetimibe but it's a trial medication that is still being used till now so its uncertain on the efficacy it has on my cholesterol level.

If anyone knows anyone who can help it would be great

Kind regards
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Maybe you should talk those who have this same thing as you have and see what helped them?
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Hello Thorn,

Because this condition is so rare not many people in the world have this. Therefore, it can be difficult to find someone with my condition for advice
Reply 3 maybe see another doctor I guess?
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By seeing another doctor, do you mean go somewhere private
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Original post by Anonymous
By seeing another doctor, do you mean go somewhere private


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