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XOXO GOSSIP ME- boyss lol

OXO GOSSIP ME- American stuff lol

basically, the girl i don't like but i fake to like is moving to this guy i was on and off with like the middle of secondary then to the end then now i am in a pickle with everything.

But right now, we are in the middle of on and off as we flirt, and everyone sees but we don’t want to be in a relationship because we don't do that so we just wait I guess and just be great friends but I don’t blame him if he wants to get back at me cause when I see him I am talking to different guys but I never feel the same energy with hi and the other boys I don’t know why he just different

Let's start of the scene I was in class and the girl asked me ‘do I have a man’ cause there's this other boy but like we just doing t as a joke, then I was like ‘no eww’ then she was like ‘I swear you and the boy were chatting’ then I was like ‘nah past stuff’. Then she was like alright I asked why she asked but she was like it was for the boy that was liking me for a joke. I thought nothing of it so I just left it causes she aint the girl I will call a best friend maybe a friend but just a hey and bye thing.

Before the class I was first in class, because I got caught from a teacher, so I was in class then the boy came we made eye contact then started talking he came said Hey and held my hand like a handshake, but I teased him then I let him because I am nice, we were holding hands for a min straight we didn’t even acknowledge. But we just laughed .

i was in class and the boy and the girl was Infront of me but the funny thing it I sit right behind the buy and his best friend next to me, but the girl does not sit next to the boy, so she just got up and sat next to me I was confused but I like maybe she needs help. Then they start laughing and touching and he was helping her with questioning and having deep conversations we had when we sat next to each other. But every time they laughed and smiled, he always tried to get my intention like take my water bottle and hide and take my bag, and doing stuff that we play fight all the time. Then the girl left, and the boy turned and talked to me like I was his second choice. And I don’t know why I talked to him.

I just need an answer do I stick with him or leave and forget away from him.HELP
You and this boy aren't anything. If you want to be something, talk to him about it. Until then he belongs to no one and other girls are free to flirt with him.

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