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Master thesis use of information / news from fact checking websites

Hi everyone,

Is anyone aware if it's allowed to use news from fact checking websites in the master thesis? as examples to check how willingly people would like/share them, can I just simply reference the website?

thanks in advance :smile:
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Whether or not they are "allowed" (and for this, I would ask your Supervisor / check your university guidelines) the bigger question is whether or not they are reliable.

Who is behind the website?
Does the website have a political leaning or agenda or other kind of bias?
Fact-checking websites should therefore be used with a critical eye .

So if you're going to use one, do the research to find one that has established credibility.

If overused, they might also smack of corner-cutting - that the student can't be bothered to do the donkey work in tracking valid and reliable published sources for their factual information.
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Hi there,

In what context would you be using fact-checking websites? Because surely if you are using them or could just use the original sources (i.e. press reports, think tank report etc.,) and discuss and cite these in your work yourself? This would negate the need for the use of fact-checking websites?

Malachy - University of Liverpool Student Rep

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