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Law foundation degree

Hello .
My name is Claudia .I am 19 years old .So here’s my suituation. I took a gap year this year of 2k23 as I was planning to retake my alevels due to extenuating circumstances last year. I want to pursue the career in law and realise that most law firms in the future require you to get As and Bs if they want to take you on .So here’s the problem : I don’t think I’m able to get a AAA or AAB in my alevels this year so I was thinking a foundation course where I get aa in two subjects then take the third subject during my foundation year .Do you think it’s worth doing that ? do you think I should just wait till next year to resit my alevels again ? What should I do ? What path would law firms most likely be able to decline ?
Thank you in advance
Taking A levels alongside university studies is never a good idea. Don’t half ass two things. Whole ass one thing.

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