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For law, do i have to take a modern foreign language for gcse?

Im so indecisive about whether or not i should do a mfl for gcse as i have been given the choice whether to do so or not. I want to go into either the med field when im older or possibly something to do with law. But reading online, mfl is good for law? will me not taking a language for gcse minimize the possible universities i could go to?
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GCSEs really do not matter for University - they will look at your A-Levels first and foremost.
However, your GCSEs affect your A-Levels. It’s always appealing to know a second language and is very useful in this day and age of globalisation however not necessary a requirement. I would say go for it as it’s always a good thing to have and does no harm! I always found language to be fun - but I think you’re looking too far ahead and should think more about which A-Levels would be best for you when it comes to it!
You never know, you may find yourself furthering the mfl in your A-Level studies. A relative of mine who has graduated years ago and now works in a firm spent a year abroad in Germany to strengthen her German whilst she studied Law and it did look appealing for job prospects.
Again, it isn’t necessary (it never limited me personally in university choice) as long as you choose some strong A-Level choices relevant to skills you’ll need for your Law degree and the fields of law you intend to study (strong essay writing, critical thinking etc)
Hope this helps! (2nd year law student)
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