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anyone doing rime of the ancient mariner for poetry ? need help so bad.
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Original post by daisyfckingjones
anyone doing rime of the ancient mariner for poetry ? need help so bad.

0.Access your syllabus:

Part 1:
AQA Exam board Rime of the ancient Mariner:
AQA Exam board Scroll down :

Part 2:
Rime of the Ancient Mariner -- full text, audio, with images:
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, 1967 narration by Richard Burton, F837 old animation

Part 3:
* Very important A-level AQA B Anachronic epic ballad (write notes):
*Very slow a foreign language English class also important mentioned poetic features like Alliterations, enjambment, Anaphora etc. 38 mins..

How do I structure an essay:
There are some essay structures on youtube for syllabus "A" exams. May help you with the syllabus "B". I suggest you get hold off your boards revision book. Perhaps ask you parents/Care giver. In addition each of your source material study books. In addition be sure to put things in fully subject AQA A-level English Literature Syllabus "B". You could be doing OCR or another board. Also have a look at the syllabus for your other subjects and revision books if you have not already purchased them. Practice doing essay plans because at this time the question for English are similar in nature so take advantage of this.


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