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Hi, so I want to challenge myself and get a 6 in my GCSEs history and I am working at a grade 2 right now I have about 2 months left till the exams and they are spread out through May and June. How do i achieve that grade 6. I am not very good at essay based subjects. I have the Pearson Edexcel books.the topics I am doing are Cold War, Weimar and Nazi germany, medicine in Britain and Anglo-Saxon and Norman. I am learning them from scratch. Here are some questions I have about the subjects please try and answer them as they will help.
How easy is GCSE history?
How do I get that grade 6?
Is 2 months enough to get a 6?
How do I structure my essays?
How many grades Can you jump in 2 months?
Has anyone failed like their mock and got really high in real exams?
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Hi, I took GCSE history last year for the 2022 exam and got a 7 (I did medicine through time, conflict and tension and Nazi Germany) , I really recommend creating flashcards on the key dates and events and I was always advised to never guess dates in the real exam, if you dont know them dont include them. Also for medicine I highly recommend trying to link keywords together, making a list of associations for example when you see Fleming link it to penicillin which links to staphylococcus and so on, try to break it down as much as possible. I also found it really useful to create crosswords with key words and explanations using an online generator as it was just quick and simple. Also the night before I watched youtube videos that covered every topic within that exam paper which helped a lot. Overall, if you learn the key parts to everything (including factors e.g. religion, science etc) you should be fine just remember to explain everything, if you make a point explain it and explain its impact. Also practice modern day sources, throughout gcse we practiced lots of old sources in class however for our real exam for medicine the source was a modern nhs poster so it was more difficult. I have also known people who were on a 2/3 on their final mock and got a 6 in the exam through just revising within those final months. Good luck! Hope this helps

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