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Structuring a psychology essay argument

Hi everyone,
I had a quick question on how everyone tended to structure their university essays? I am currently in the middle of writing a critical review for my coursework. I had the strengths kind of mixed in with the limitations but I was thinking that putting the strengths first and then the limitations may create a more powerful argument when it comes to a critical review. I'd love to hear your advice!
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Hi, in my opinion you could approach in either ways where by first highlighting the strengths of the work you are reviewing, and then following up with the limitations could build up your argument, as it creates a positive impression of the work before pointing out its shortcomings. However, it's important to make sure that you are still being objective and critical in your analysis of both the strengths and limitations.

Alternating between strengths and limitations as you go through your review could also be efficient. This can be a way to create a more balanced and nuanced presentation of your arguments, and can also help to avoid the impression of bias that can come with presenting all strengths or all limitations in a row.

Hope this helps, Regards!

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