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What was your favorite sandwich filling as a child?

Tuna or Jam for me
Original post by Avreil
Tuna or Jam for me

Grated cheese
(difficult choice between the 2)
Tuna and it still is
Lovely to see some tuna appreciation
i have some vivid cream cheese + tomato sandwich memories. the thing is i would absolutely pummel it so the philadelphia came out the sides... which is pretty much the best way to eat a sandwich, the bread is too thick otherwise. flat sandwiches on top :cool:
Cheese salad.

It is still my favourite in my 30s.
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None. I have not eaten sandwiches as child. I began to appreciate them as adult.
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Jam, as a toddler. Though it was less a filling and more something to be squeezed out and smeared on any available surface.

Salmon spread and beetroot when older.
pate and cucumber probably
cream cheese.

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