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sixth form help please!!

i really need help and advice on this one! i am homeschooled (studying by myself - not in an online school) and in year 10, still studying for my igcses. im taking eng, maths, human bio, econ, business, accounting, commerce, ict and citizenship.

i want to take these subjects next year june but my dad wants me to take half in june and the rest in november sitting to have a higher guarantee of attaining as and a stars. after this, he said i can go to sixth form in january 2025 and just catch up with my a levels.

how will this affect my chances of getting into a v good sixth form or even boarding school?? since a-levels begin september of 2024, and bearing in mind that my dad is really pushing for me to take the rest of my igcses in november 2024 THEN go to sixth form in jan 2025??? i dont think any good sixth form or boarding school will accept me right? please correct me if im wrong and i really need help as my mind's all over the place.

i dont want my chances of getting into a good sixth form/boarding school chances lowered. i have to get into a russell group uni. so please leave some advice, sorry if its quite confusing. i am just as confused. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!
Firstly, not sure why your dad is wanting you to prioritise gcses over a levels, you have barely enough time to do the a level course anyway, let alone taking a few months out of it to do gcses. Gcses really don't count for much, a levels are much more important so prioritise them.
I doubt many sixth forms will want you to join part way, it's extra work for you and extra work for them having to catch you up.
Secondly, why do you HAVE to go to a Russell group uni? Russell group just means the uni has paid to get into it, it's only other people that build up how great they are just because they are Russell group.
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Thanks for your reply. I've told my dad several times that i can achieve as and a stars but he wants to play it so safely and is therefore REALLY pushing me to take the rest of my exams in nov 2024. it's really ****ing me off and its going to jeopardize my a-levels and even sixth form. im going to talk about it again with my dad as sixth form applications open this year for me, and i doubt any sixth forms would want to take me in halfway.

i also may have worded it wrong regarding the russell group uni, but it's due to family pressure (all my cousins attended russells like oxford and lse) and that's why they all expect the same from me. so yeah, hope that clears it up! :smile:
Okay wait, so you're in Year 10? Therefore you start Year 11 in September 2023, and you would be due to start sixth form in September 2024?

First of all, why in the world are you taking 9 subjects as a home educated student? That's a totally unnecessary number of subjects. What exactly are you wanting to do at university? In many instances 5 subjects is enough to satisfy both sixth forms and unis, but even if you wanted to go into something like medicine, or if you were applying to a really competitive sixth form, you would be highly unlikely to need more than 7. Drop some of them.

Secondly, why don't you take some this November (November 2023), and then take the rest in summer 2024?

I highly doubt any sixth forms would take you for a January start. You either want to be starting in September 2024, or if push comes to shove you could theoretically start in September 2025, but be aware you'd be starting a year "late", so although the funding would be in place, it really would be at the discretion of the sixth form in question.
Now if you were going for BTECs in a college, starting a year late isn't a problem at all, but sixth forms are more picky.
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