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A Portable paradise poem analysis

I would like some help for my daughter with A Portable paradise poem analysis, GCSE level.
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I would like some help for my daughter with A Portable paradise poem analysis, GCSE level.

It would be useful next time if to type in the subject, English, Literature, English Literature and Language. The GCSE board and the syllabus. Why do this? Because it saves me your daughters fellow student time. My response is tailored where possible to an exam board. All the same subject GCSE's have core topics but then they also vary in themes and nuance.

In addition I don't know if it is a series of poems or just the title poem.

A Portable Paradise Revision Notes
Analysis exercise for a set of poems from the book.

Title poem audio recording and visuals

There is no revision/study books. I suggest your daughter approach it like an unseen poem which will instill the skills necessary for being able to do pottery analysis in general and for the exam. additionally she should be accompanied by her class notes.

How should one go about analysing an unseen poem

Five Literature Techniques You Will Find In ANY Unseen Poem
Comparing Poems: A Step By Step Guide (GCSE)
Start with FORM and STRUCTURE Poetry Comparison: 4 Ways to Get Grade 9
A Guide to Structure, Form, Rhythm, Meter,%20Form,%20Rhythm,%20Meter.pdf
Video assistance:

Armed with a syllabus kindly consider doing a google or youtube search to find what you need. I recommend that you show your daughter how to do this for herself it will set her in good stead for A-levels, Btec, Apprenticeships or University.

If she elects to do the popular A-levels and the subjects chosen have a NEA (coursework) or extended project. Then please access the available information on the internet from the exam boards, and youtube at the start of the course. Then your child can work upon the skillset required and even get them done ahead of time in their own time so they can focus on achieving the required exam grades.

Some students at this time are finding that they are having to do a piece of coursework that needs to be in say this March/April, they may also have A-level extended project. Some students try and get other students to do their coursework for them because it is "easy" and worth 20% of the marks. In addition they may not have finish being taught their courses, they still may be being given homework, they need to revise for their mocks, then they need to revise for their actual exams which are in about 2 months and on top of this they have extra curricular activities. Yet they have had two years and access to their syllabuses and plenty of free resources.However some resources require payment like revision books, revision courses.

All the best...
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