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A level Art (help/ advice needed in getting in the course)

In short I want to do a degree in Art (Fine Art) but was not allowed to do A Level Art. I did BTEC level 2 Art and Design in high school and got a L2D. Right now (year 12) I am doing psychology, sociology and health and social care and are predicted high grades. If I were to start making a portfolio and give that in too, what are the chances that I could get into an arts university? Would it still be extremely low because I didn't do A Level Fine Art or Art and Design? Any tips or credited art courses you know of? Anything helps
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Is your question whether or not you can get onto an art course (e.g. fine art or art & design degree course) at a University, or applying to an art based university?
I never did art at degree level, but I would advise you check Universities course pages, (e.g. Fine Art BA Hons course page at University of *insert name*) and it should explain whether or not you are required to have done an art course at A level or a L3 Equivalent such as a BTEC or these new 'T-Levels' (e.g. fine art, design art, 3D art etc.). If the course doesn't state that you have to have a L3 art qualification already and it just states for example, "Entry requirements - B, B, B or 120 UCAS points equivalent" then you should be fine just applying with the courses you have now.
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Thanks for the reply, I already know that the schools I'm aiming for allow student to join without having done A level Art, but I assume the chances are low and I'd like to know by roughly how much- like if others have had success in doing so and if so how? Like just by giving a great portfolio or by doing a a different course while still in college etc

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