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Ucas interviews

Slightly worried I applied to dental hygiene and therapy course in the following universities. 1. Uni of Birmingham 2. Uni of Manchester 3. Uni of Leeds 4. Uni of new castle 5.Kings college. All these uni’s require interviews and I sent in my application 7th nov we are in the middle of March I have had rejections without interviews from Manchester Leeds and Birmingham and I am still yet to here back from kings college or Newcastle and I still haven’t been offered an interview from them . I am quite worried as it is quite late into the application season and i know usually unis have until May to make a decision to accept and decline your offer but I would have thought I would have been offered some sort of interviews from Newcastle and Kings college at this point 😬 Do interviews usually Happen this late 😬 or does that just mean I haven’t been shortlisted for an interview and therefore I should prepare for rejections ?
I’d call the remaining unis and find out what is going on… there’s no point speculating what it means, just call and ask for an update on your app xx
Absolutely, if you don't get a reply and start to worry, do contact the university admissions team asking about the progress of your application (Put name of degree at top and always quote your UCAS number to avoid furher delays) Good luck!

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