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Essay Competition Database (Super-Curricular)

Attention all Year 12s and Oxbridge Applicants!!! 🚨

I am delighted to announce that I have partnered with quester to bring you an updated (and more aesthetically pleasing) version of my Essay Competition Database. A huge thank you to Wojciech Woźnicki for providing me with this opportunity as well as for providing an amazing platform for #year12 students with high aspirations.

The new version can be accessed using this link:
Alternatively, it has also been linked in my bio. You will find that this version provides the following:

· A link to the website where the essay competition is available

· The deadline for submission

· The ability to rank each #essay competition by its level of difficulty

For those who are aspiring to apply to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, be sure to check out the rest of quester's resources as they are incredibly helpful and comprehensive.

This is a list of 170+ essay competitions ranging from across ALL SUBJECTS. This is quite literally everything that I could find on the internet, including past essay competitions that have not run for the past few years but that might start back up. If they do and are of interest to you, well then this database will make you aware that they exist. Simply click on the link to see if the competition is running!

If you are aspiring to apply to the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge then please have a look through this link as there is truly something for everybody. Engaging in these super-curricular #activities will really go far in distinguishing your applications for these very competitive universities. Moreover, the top prize for these competitions is often free money (the largest prize that I have seen has been £1000) and for the competitions run by #oxbridge colleges, the top performing essayists are often invited to spend time at the host college. This is a great way to help see what college life is really like, as well as networking with like-minded individuals!

Finally, for those looking to apply for law more specifically, I have many LNAT resources which I would be willing to share for free. Send me a message if you would be interested in them.

Best of luck

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