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How can i revise for unseen poetry?
GCSE English lit exam
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Original post by liv.lewis
How can i revise for unseen poetry?
GCSE English lit exam

Accompanied by your syllabus you can look at the notes that your teacher has probably kindly dictated. Have a look at your textbook/revision book. If you don't have one ask your parent/s/Caregiver to purchase a CGP book. Alternatively you may find a copy in the local or school/college library.:rolleyes:

Further to this you can access your subject on this site or look on youtube for GCSE English, GCSE English Literature for video on GCSE Poetry.There is video on GCSE theory and unseen poetry on Youtube.:rolleyes:

Mr Everything English
Mr Salles Teaches English
First Rate Tutors etc...

Further to this next time I write, I'd be sure to put my board and syllabus and save fellow students time. The same subjects in GCSE have the same core subject but they have different themes and nuance. :rolleyes:

If you are still having difficulties discuss them with your teacher. Some maybe striking still it is a very good idea to develop skills in research it will stand you in good stead for A-levels, Btec or Apprenticeship.

Perhaps additionally have a look in GCSE and see what you find there about revision technique.

All the best...

To add to the above post, Mr Bruff is another helpful resource (guides and videos).

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