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My 3 years at De Montfort University- What skills have I gained? What have I done?


I have almost finished my studies here at De Montfort University. The past 3 years have been both challenging and exciting. However even during the COVID pandemic I still had the best time studying at University.

It has been 4 years since I came to DMU Open Day and I am very glad I did because I found my second home and I have had the best experience:meeting new friends, studying and taking part in many opportunities.

I was very nervous about starting University, I was a very different person back then. I don't think I would be here writing this post 3 years ago, University has really changed me as a person, I am much more confident now and I am less shy when meeting and communicating with new people. I also now feel like I can be independent because being at University has given me time management skills and also I now know what it is like to live by yourself without having your parents around.

One of the reasons for this is because I became a Student Ambassador therefore I have had major development in my communication skills, I spoke to an audience of about 100 people on the DMU open day in January, I would not have done that 3 years ago! I have had the opportunity to give campus tours to schools and colleges around the UK and I have also helped on DMU UCAS event days. I also had the opportunity to deliver a presentation about my time at University in a secondary school which was very rewarding.

Also when reflecting on my 3 years of University, I have met so many amazing friends on my course and also outside my course. Even in my third year I have already made even more new friends through the Psychology Society and the Student Ambassador team here at DMU. I have took part in some exciting events through the Psychology society, for example we did a murder mystery party which was really fun!

Very recently I also went on a DMU Global Trip to Paris with my course mates and I even met new people on that! We had the best time, seeing the Eiffel Tower and going to the Louvre was simply amazing and I will never forget that trip. This is one of the great opportunities I have had during my time at DMU.

Overall, it has been a very enriching university experience, not only has my Psychology course given me so many transferable skills for the future but also just through some amazing opportunities and meeting new friends and going out and having fun! I am excited to graduate but I am also sad because I will miss being at De Montfort University.

I hope this has given you an insight into how going to University is a very rewarding experience, if you wish to come see DMU for yourself then why not book to come to an open day and possibly find your new home and have a great time like I have.

Best Wishes for the future,

-Tianna (3rd Year Psychology Student) :smile:

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