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Can I have help with my daughter she’s 16 a

Can I have help with my daughter she’s 16 not in school at the moment because of her depression problem and on the waiting list for too long!!! to be admitted to a school with special needs help
what do you need help with?
What is the nature of help you requesting? I am not medically qualified or for that matter an educational expert. I would consider myself just be a fellow student of your daughter. I dare say you are at your wits end perhaps repost in the mental health where and elect to express yourself anonymously and give a description of your needs, wants and desire for your daughter. Perhaps we can brainstorm and come up with a solution but there is not guarantee. Additionally I am also not a qualified teacher and do not provide tuition those may provide guidance to support my own learning needs. I just have available to me some useful links and some ideas.

Once in anonymous you can if you wish alert and continue to speak with me. See the planet symbol in-between the paper clip and bold B. Stick in an @ and my avatar name is Ambergris. Other people who know what they are talking about maybe inclined to converse with you. However they will not in a professional capacity. Maybe provide a little more details because depression is an umbrella word for a multitude of symptoms. It can stem from anger and fear an reaction to being Neurodivergent as Autism, Asperger syndrome, ADHD or biochemical Bipolar a whole host of things.

All the best...

there are many resources she can use such as seneca for sciences, physics and maths tutor for revision notes on everything in general and they also have gcse questions with the mark schemes targeted towards specific wordings. for english, there are many resources such as mr salles and mr everything english on youtube alongside massolit which you need a subscription for but is worth it!

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