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Do I need to take English for Fashion Technology Course at Galashiels University?

I am currently in the process of choosing my subjects for my last year of secondary school and I am torn between taking Higher English (a subject I don't particularly enjoy) and Advanced Higher Geography (one of my favourite and best subjects).

I have checked the entry requirements for getting into the School for Fashion and Textiles university in Galashiels for the Fashion Technology Course and it says that I need ABBB (including English) at Higher
I was wondering whether they would accept Advanced Higher Geography instead as I already have a National 5 in English and both Geography and English are essay-based subjects. And, in fact, Geography teaches you to write a un-biased essay in much more detail, in a much better way as it is a substantial part of the course.

If I did take Advanced Higher Geography I would be wanting to write my essay on the effect of fast fashion on the environment (related to my career interests).

I want honest opinions on whether I should risk it with AH geography or play it safe with English.

My subject choices are due in on Monday (20th March 2023)
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Usually english is a required subject for fashion from what i’ve experienced. Usually that’s just because english teaches you the concepts of essays as well as creative writing, as well as being able to analyse texts and reference properly (which is needed for a dissertation, which I think you do in 4th year at galashiels). Geography may teach you to write essays but it won’t teach you the concepts unis expect you to know to be able to write appropriate essays.

However, if you really want to do geography, you could email herriot watt ([email protected]) and ask for advice on choosing, or rather speak to your school and ask if there’s a workaround that lets you take both. Idk how it works at yours but at my school I wanted to take higher photography so they sent me to another school on a friday to be able to take it - hoping your school cares enough to let you do something. Is there no way to take them both in dif columns? Or are you dead set on the other 2/3 choices you’ve made apart from that?

Alternatively, I got into fashion at gala after doing a HNC in art and design (at glasgow clyde college) - this can also get you into second year. So if unsuccessful this year that could be a good alternative route for you. I didn’t end up going because it was 2020 and i didn’t wanna move there during lockdown, but my best friend does textiles there currently and she’s been enjoying it a lot. I’d say speak to your school first, email heriot watt too probably, and (assuming it’s the same at your school) there’s always the option of changing subject a few weeks in. I started doing higher history before swapping to photography and dropping history once my school worked it out a few weeks after the choice deadline. Good luck !!
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"Galashiels University" doesnt exist btw.
Its Galashiels Art & Design and its part of Herriot-Watt University at a 'borders campus' - ie. not on the main Uni campus.
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Original post by McGinger
"Galashiels University" doesnt exist btw.
Its Galashiels Art & Design and its part of Herriot-Watt University at a 'borders campus' - ie. not on the main Uni campus.

I’m assuming they know that and are just calling it that, I always refer to it as Gala or galashiels just to separate it from heriot watt since it’s in a different place, same way i went to glasgow clyde college, both the langside and cardonald campuses, but everyone referred to them as cardonald college or langside college.

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